LITHO Photovoltaic

Energy obtained from the façade

LITHO Photovoltaic (previous product name: Airtec Photovoltaic) opens up innovative methods of solar power generation for façades. LITHO Glassic's proven fixing system is extremely economical.

The analogue construction principle allows the photovoltaic elements to be combined perfectly with other LITHO systems using the same substructure. This permits photovoltaics to be used on specific areas of the building.

The combination of design and technology is multifaceted, as the LITHO Photovoltaic VCW system complies with building regulations and offers individual, project-specific formats. Furthermore, the modules perform additional functions associated with the building's envelope. The front glass units can also be coated in a wide range of colours, in keeping with your design.


Ventilated curtain wall façade with photovoltaic modules: LITHO Photovoltaic


Weather-resistant and frost-resistant; the flexible substructure offsets any unevenness in the substrate


Visible fixing on aluminium substructure using the point fixings of the LITHO Glassic façade system
Finishes / AppearanceCharcoal-coloured cells, almost invisible pinstripes or visible conductive tape

All sizes are scalable with individual, project-specific manufacture, e.g.: 2,400 x 1,100 mm, 2,400 x 730 mm, 2,200 x 860 mm, 1,300 x 1,100 mm, 1,000 x 1,000 mm, 1,000 x 800 mm, 1,200 x 800 mm, 1,200 x 600 mm - other sizes on request

Thermal protectionMineral-wool insulation (TCG 032 and 035)

Buildings must be turned into powerhouses

The LITHODECOR Plus Energy façade

The need to halt climate change has resulted in a series of legal requirements and regulations, which will also have an impact on the way we build houses. The objective of these measures is to reduce CO2 emissions and the calculated primary energy consumption of buildings as well as to generate energy from buildings: buildings must be turned into powerhouses.

With LITHO Photovoltaic, Lithodecor is one of the first manufacturers to offer a façade system that is in line with building regulations and that is used for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) on the façade. This VCW system practically forms a single system when combined with LITHO Glassic. As a result glass façades can be used as potential generators of electricity, without compromising on design and without major technical modifications.

But that is not all that Lithodecor has to offer: there is also the "Plus Energy" façade - a totally new and integrated concept for implementing photovoltaic façades that meet the requirements of design, technology and building regulations.

Lithodecor's commitment in this area extends far beyond the product itself: the VCW specialist is also a member of the BIPV Alliance.

The Plus in the name

The Plus in the name of the Plus Energy façade stands for a whole series of plus factors that are associated with this concept for clients, architects and planners and for climate protection:

  • Power generated by building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) as part of a system that complies with all building regulations
  • Integrated thermal insulation, building and weather protection in a single system
  • Coherent architectural concept
  • Wide range of design and combination options (finish, texture, colour, design)
  • Valuable services from Lithodecor - advice and support
  • Security and reliability of the DAW group of companies

More information

New BIPV reference manual

Lithodecor publishes guideline to building-integrated photovoltaics.


"Think Green" for the façade

Brochure with essential information for architects and clients on the subject of building-integrated photovvoltaics (BIPV) on the façade.


Energy gains ahead!

With your BIPV project that generates surplus energy - with the Plus Energy façade 2017. Register now!.


Police station as energy supplier

The photovoltaic modules on the glass façade of Baunatal police station help to meet the building's energy demand..




Cell of a monocrystalline PV module with concealed conductors
Cell of a monocrystalline PV module with visible conductive paths
Cell of a thin-film PV module

Download a glimpse of the future

Detailed information about the LITHO Photovoltaic PV system

BIPV on the façade is a logical consequence to building regulations associated with climate protection, especially in inner-city areas. Here you can find out everything there is to know about the LITHO Photovoltaic ventilated curtain wall façade and the overall concept of the Plus Energy façade. Download a glimpse of the future!

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