Airtec Stone

The lightweight natural stone façade

Airtec Stone offers many design options for creating high-quality natural stone façades with numerous types of stone, different sizes and shaped units. Even large panels with an area of up to 7.7 m² can be hooked into the aluminium substructure without any visible fixing elements. The panels consist of a top layer of stone with a thickness of 5 to 10 millimetres on a lightweight concrete base panel not more than 19 millimetres thick, which makes them up to 60 per cent lighter than solid stone slabs. They can also be installed overhead using invisible fixings.


Ventilated curtain wall façade system with worked stone slabs on a lightweight concrete base


Weather-resistant and frost-resistant; the flexible substructure offsets any unevenness in the substrate


Invisible fixing to aluminium substructure
Finishes / AppearanceTypes of stone: Limestone and sandstone, slate, granite (polished, ground); all other types of stone and finishes on request
SizesPanel size up to 7.7 m², depending on size of unhewn stone
OverheadUp to 5.26 m² (max. 4.05 x 1.30 m) overhead application with AbZ (general building inspectorate approval)
ApprovalZ - 10.3-817
Thermal protectionMineral-wool insulation (TCG 032 and 035)
Reaction to fire

Fire-resistant, construction materials class B1 to DIN 4102-1

A2, s1,d0 in accordance with EN13501 possible

Impact resistanceE5 classification, DIN 14019, maximum resistance to mechanical influences
Pillar cladding, multiple angles
Parapet element

Individual architectural elements

Giving shape to your ideas

Modern architectural façades feature three-dimensional shapes. Such designs are easily realised using our architectural elements made from natural stone: shaped units of storey-height in lengths of up to 3.50 m.

The special material properties of the composite natural stone panel make it possible to create shaped units with the same appearance and a much reduced self-weight. As a result, three-dimensional preformed units such as corners, angles or U-sections can be produced to achieve a monolithic effect. This involves first mitring the composite panels and securing them without a visible joint, using a bonded press fit. Cantilever panels up to 400 mm in length can be attached to an anchoring panel.  This method also allows the façades of listed buildings to be faithfully restored.

  • Monolithic appearance
  • Reveal elements
  • Parapet cladding
  • Lintel panels
  • Pillar cladding
  • 3D façades

Suspended natural-stone ceilings are not a problem

Another special feature of the Airtec Stone VCW façade system is that it can be installed overhead. While traditional, solid stone slabs very soon reach their structural economic limits because of their own heavy weight and elaborate fixing methods, Airtec Stone panels can be used to clad suspended ceilings in ways that are structurally safe and comparatively cost-effective. With Airtec Stone you really can use natural stone wherever you want!


Natural variety of finish

Thanks to individual formats, textures and colours, Airtec Stone provides clients, architects and planners with an immense range of design options.

All available types of natural stone that are suitable for façades can be installed in compliance with general building-inspectorate approval, even in the case of extremely challenging façades.

Are you planning a development project and looking for a suitable natural stone to clad the façade? We will be pleased to advise you and help you realise your individual project. Talk to us!

The following summary of stone finishes represents only a limited selection of our products. The range of suitable stone types is much greater.

Juparana Columbo / Gneiss, reddish
Waldstein Gelb / Granite, yellowish
Nero Impala / Gabbro, dark
Bianco Iberico / Granite, light

Balmoral Red / Granite, light red
Deep Black / Gabbro, black
Giallo Veniziano / Granite, yellow
Anröchter Dolomit / Calcareous limestone, greenish

Mocca Creme / Limestone, cream
Jura Gelb / Limestone, yellow
Sunshine Stone / Sandstone, yellowish brown
Wertheim Rot / Sandstone, red

Pietra Serena Grau / Sandstone, grey

Relevant information about Airtec Stone – to take away

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