LITHO Glassic

The frameless glass façade

LITHO Glassic (previous product name: Airtec Glassic) is a multifunctional, highly elegant, frameless, clip-mounted glass façade that represents the ideal solution for many applications. Variable aluminium support rails, visible filigree fixings, heat-soaked, thermally toughened safety glass (ESG-H) or laminated safety glass (VSG) in various formats and colours, as well as narrow joints all help to create a unique, sophisticated appearance.

Whichever version you choose – transparent, rear-enamelled, with colour-coated fixing clips or a natural aluminium finish – numerous design options can be implemented accurately, easily and reliably. LITHO Glassic is the ideal design option for old and new buildings.


Ventilated curtain wall glass façade with panes of colour-coated ESG-H or VSG glass


Weather-resistant and frost-resistant; the flexible substructure offsets any unevenness in the substrate


Visible fixing to aluminium substructure
Finishes / AppearanceEnamelling or screen printing, designs, lettering, photographs, backlighting or installation of photovoltaic modules
SizesSizes according to structural analysis for glass

In compliance with DIN 18516 parts 1 and 4 (specimen structural analysis is available), DIN 18008 parts 1 and 3; previously DIN 18516 part 1

Thermal protectionMineral-wool insulation (TCG 032 and 035)
Reaction to fireBuilding materials class A with ESG-H to DIN 4102-1
Building materials class B,s1,d0 with VSG to DIN EN 13501
Impact resistanceAble to withstand mechanical stress

Your turn to create a glass façade – with the Glassifier

LITHO Glassic opens up the entire Lithodecor range to you

The "LITHO Glassifier" is an expression of the concept that absolutely everything can be combined with the LITHO Glassic glass façade: material, colour, design, light and energy.

The LITHO Glassic VCW façade system is available in two types of glass: heat-soaked, thermally toughened safety glass (ESG-H) and laminated safety glass (VSG). The glass elements are supplied as clear or flint glass and over 2,600 colours from the RAL and NCS ranges are available for print designs; VSG glass can also be tinted using coloured film.

The printable Lithodecor façade also offers you the option of using designs, lettering and photographs to make a statement that is visible for miles around, or to create a backlit glass façade that really creates an impact. The revolutionary feature is that LITHO Glassic is also compatible with LITHO Photovoltaic, which allows sections of the glass façade to be used for energy generation.

But that is not all: the incombustible, LITHO Glassic ventilated curtain wall glass façade can also be combined with any other Lithodecor system - with natural stone, glass, concrete, ceramics and glass ceramics. Go ahead: "Glassify" your façade dreams!

Create your own combinations - after all, you have LITHO Glassic

In a design class of its own

Unfortunately we cannot present an exhaustive list of all the finishes available with LITHO Glassic here. There are two types of glass (ESG and VSG) and more than 2600 RAL and NCS colours that can be used to print on LITHO Glassic elements. In addition there are innumerable iridescent effects that can be created using coloured films in the case of laminated VSG glass. Further options include designs and lettering, backlighting and edge lighting or combining the glass elements with photovoltaic modules or other Lithodecor systems. We can only show you a small selection here.


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LITHO Glassic is a truly classic product in our range. And no wonder: with this ventilated curtain wall façade system you are free to create modern architecture in glass. You have come to the right place if you are looking for further information. Simply download the information - now!

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