LITHO betoShell

Concrete façades made easy

The LITHO betoShell textile-reinforced concrete system offers numerous options for the concrete façade designs in the new-build, refurbishment and conservation sectors. We can therefore offer you five attractive finishes and colours, from smooth-form to exposed-aggregate concrete. Even large panels with a surface area of up to 8.6 m² can be suspended in the flexible aluminium substructure - without visible fixings. The glass-fibre or carbon-reinforced concrete panels are considerably lighter than steel-reinforced concrete.


Ventilated curtain wall façade system with textile-reinforced (glass-fibre or carbon) concrete panels


Weather-resistant and frost-resistant; the flexible substructure offsets any unevenness in the substrate


Invisible fixing to aluminium substructure using special clips
Finishes / AppearanceSmooth-form, acidified, sandblasted, polished and washed - each available in pure white, white, grey, charcoal matt and gloss
Sizes1,200 x 600 mm, 2,400 x 1,200 mm or spanning more than one storey - up to 3,600 x width mm max. to 3.3 m² element size
Overhead1,200 x 600 mm
ApprovalsZ - 33.1-577 (20 mm, 1,200 x 600 mm), Z - 21.9-207 2 (30 mm, 2,400 x 1,200 mm), Z - 21.9-2072 (40 mm, 2,400 x 1,200 mm), DIBt approval application submitted for 30 mm, 3,600 x 2,400 mm, implementation via approval on a case-by-case basis already possible
Thermal protectionMineral-wool insulation (TCG 032 and 035)
Reaction to fireNon-combustible, construction materials class A2 (A1 in parts) to DIN 4102 - 1

Summary of the system variants

Panel thickness

20 mm

30 mm

30 mm

40 mm

Reinforcement / fabric

T1 glass-fibre fabric, alkali-resistant, single layer

T24 carbon-fibre cage, single layer

T24 carbon-fibre cage, two layers

T24 carbon-fibre cage, single layer

Max. permissible panel size

1,200 x 600 mm

2,400 x 1,200 mm

3,600 x width mm

max. to 3.3 m² element size

2,400 x 1,200 mm

Weight in kg per m²

48 kg/m²

72 kg/m²

72 kg/m²

96 kg/m²


4 internal-thread bushes M6, clip on substructure

Fischer undercut anchor FZP II

Threaded anchor M8 with clip on substructure

Fischer undercut anchor with clip on substructure


Z - 33.1-577

Z - 21.9-2072

DIBt approval applied for

Z - 21.9-2072

Ultralight and strong as steel-reinforced concrete

LITHO betoShell is revolutionising the concrete façade

The LITHO betoShell ventilated curtain wall façade system is the latest innovation in the Lithodecor range and a VCW façade system with impressive advantages.

Thanks to the strong reinforcements made from corrosion-resistant glass fibre or carbon aligned with the direction of force, panels can be up to storey height at 3.60 m, with a maximum elemet size to 3.3 m². Although the panels are considerably lighter than a steel-reinforced, 100 mm thick façade panel, they possess a similar load capacity. The system is also impressive on account of its cost effectiveness and environmentally friendly properties. Due to its low weight, LITHO betoShell saves on transportation and installation costs. With a low carbon dioxide equivalent, 80 per cent less energy input for production as well as 100 per cent recyclability, this system is also a green building material for the façade.

LITHO betoShell is the easy way to achieve a façade that is impressive in terms of aesthetics and technology.

From classically smooth to vibrant and exciting

The concrete finishes in our range

LITHO betoShell is available in three panel thicknesses (20, 30 and 40 mm) and in the following finishes: smooth-form, acidified, sandblasted, polished and washed. The colours range from pure white to white, grey and charcoal matt as well as charcoal gloss.

Pure white, smooth-form
Grey, smooth-form
White, smooth-form
Charcoal matt, smooth-form

Charcoal gloss, smooth-form
Pure white, acidified
Grey, acidified
White, acidified

Charcoal matt, acidified
Charcoal gloss, acidified
Pure white, sandblasted
Grey, sandblasted

White, sandblasted
Charcoal matt, sandblasted
Charcoal gloss, sandblasted
Pure white, polished

Grey, polished
White, polished
Charcoal matt, polished
Charcoal gloss, polished

Pure white, washed
Grey, washed
White, washed
Charcoal matt, washed

Charcoal gloss, washed


System information

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