Ventilated curtain wall façades from Lithodecor

Top-class VCW systems

For 25 years Lithodecor has been one of the most innovative manufacturers of ventilated curtain wall façade systems in Europe. The head office of the VCW specialist, one of the DAW group companies, is located in Gerstungen, a town in the German state of Thuringia. The production facility is in Netzschkau, Saxony. Automated production methods and the skilled craftsmanship found in a traditional workshop have been blended to create a new approach.

Lithodecor is well known throughout Europe for its innovative composite materials based on patented lightweight concrete panels, which are individually manufactured on a project-specific basis and which achieve a 60 per weight reduction compared to solid façades. These elements can even be used to manufacture storey-spanning panels that can solve particular problems associated with stringent structural requirements.

With surfaces made of natural stone, glass, photovoltaic modules, concrete, ceramics and glass ceramics, Lithodecor is the product of choice for architects and clients whose priority is excellent thermal insulation and effective weather protection combined with amazing finishes.

Company profile at a glance

  • European specialist for ventilated curtain wall façade systems
  • Known for ultralight VCW systems based on patented composite panels (up to 60 per cent weight reduction compared to solid façades)
  • Supplier of large panel sizes, some available in storey-spanning lengths
  • Solution to stringent structural requirements

Milestones in the company's history

  • Production of lightweight façades began in 1995 in Plauen
  • Lithodecor GmbH was founded on 01 March 1999, with approx. 15 employees
  • June 2004 - transfer to Netzschkau / floor space of approx. 4000 m2
  • Number of employees increases to approx. 40 / further investments in equipment and machinery

A member of the DAW group of companies

A specialist among specialists

With around 5,600 employees both in Germany and abroad (not counting participations) and an annual turnover of around 1.3 billion euros, the owner-managed DAW group of companies is Europe's largest privately owned manufacturer of architectural paint. In Germany, Austria, Turkey and Belarus DAW is the brand leader for architectural coatings, and for architectural paints the group is in third place, just below two major international conglomerates. DAW is regarded as a pioneer in the field of thermal insulation and sustainability. In addition to paints, coatings and chemicals for the building industry, the companies that make up the DAW group also manufacture insulation boards as well as mineral and organic ETIC systems, which are compatible with all Lithodecor façade systems. Other members of the DAW group include Alpina (the DIY brand and manufacturer of "Alpina White", Europe's top-selling interior paint), alsecco, Caparol and DISBON.

The path from quarry to high-grade Lithodecor façade panel

The natural stone is extracted from quarries.
The blocks are then taken to stone-working companies where they are split and cut into slabs, delivered to us and then stored in our raw materials warehouse.
A bridge saw is used to cut the slabs to the approximate size required.

They are then cut to their finished size to fit the natural stone panels.
In the bonding shop the ready-cut natural stone slabs are sandwiched together with the lightweight concrete panels.
We use a wire saw to slice through these units.

The thickness of the panels is calibrated with millimetre precision.
The semi-finished composite panels are then cut to the exact sizes required for a particular project. A bridge saw is used for mitre cuts ready to accommodate architectural elements.
Blind holes are drilled into the rear of the sandwich panels.

Afterwards the hold points are bonded to the panels to allow for invisible fixing of these elements.
A unique feature of the Airtec Stone façade system: Lithodecor manufactures project-specific architectural elements and pre-formed façade details - internal and external corners, window lintels and reveals, roof interfaces, angle or U-shaped sections for the lightweight façade.
The finished composite panels are packaged ready for dispatch. They consist of a composite element that is up to 60 per lighter than solid stone slabs.

First of all the supporting substructure is attached to the bare outer walls.
The panels are delivered to the site, either in sturdy crates or on glass racks.
They are then distributed to areas on the scaffolding where they are to be installed on the façade.

The ventilated curtain façade can now be installed.
The façade is completed.
The finished building: Satisfied clients, architects and planners as well as natural façades that are impressive in terms of their quality and aesthetic appeal, as shown here on the Linen Master's House in Bielefeld, are what we hope to achieve.

Trade fairs and exhibitions

Staying up to date

This is where Lithodecor publishes upcoming dates for trade fairs, exhibitions and events. It is definitely worth clicking on this page regularly to make sure you stay up to date. As you know: nothing beats a face-to-face encounter with people, products and services! This is where you get that opportunity.

Architect meets innovations

Pleasure to have met you in Zurich!

Architect meets innovations

Pleasure to have met you in Stockholm!

Long-term inspiration: Lithodecor at BAU 2017

Visit us from 16 to 21 January 2017 in hall A 6, stand 421

This is the slogan under which the DAW companies Caparol, alsecco, DISBON and Lithodecor are jointly appearing at BAU 217 to present their innovative coating systems for façades, walls, ceilings and floors. We will show you what the state of the art allows, which product innovations open up new perspectives in terms of sustainability and which trends are in the air as regards façade and interior design.

Lithodecor will be presenting its innovative VCW façade systems. There is, for instance, the Airtec Stone lightweight façade, which offers enormous design options for high-quality natural stone façades. Even large panels with a surface area of up to 7.7 square metres can be installed. Or there are the glass façades, Airtec Glass, LITHO Glassic and the complementary LITHO Photovoltaic system featuring integrated solar panels. We will also be exhibiting our new developments, such as Airtec Ceramic with a ceramic surface and LITHO betoShell with a range of exciting concrete finishes.

Will we meet up at BAU 2017 in Munich? From 16 to 21 January you will find Lithodecor in hall A 6, stand 421. We are already looking forward to your visit to our stand. Your Lithodecor Trade Fair Team!