"Photovoltaic Façades" reference manual

The new book describes how buildings can be turned into powerhouses

The new book entitled "Photovoltaik Fassaden – Leitfaden zur Planung" [Photovoltaic façades - planning guidelines] (ISBN 978-3-86780-9) was published in May 2016 and costs EUR 29.00 to order.

The 188 pages of the book set out the product-neutral foundations for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and contain detailed information for architects and civil engineers about the planning and integration of photovoltaic modules in façades as well as about designing those sections of the façade that are not devoted to power generation.

Reference manual written by Lithodecor and TU Dresden

The concept and contents of the book were developed by Lithodecor in collaboration with the Building Construction Institute at TU (Technical University) Dresden. BIPV will be an essential component of future constructions, since Germany has to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 per cent by 2020. To achieve this, the energy efficiency of buildings must be improved with the aim of achieving the standard for minimum energy buildings.

The solution - especially for inner city areas

Photovoltaics on the façade are an important source of energy for the future. Building-integrated photovoltaic modules in the form of ventilated curtain wall (VCW) façades can be used as power-generating elements. Especially in inner city areas the integration of BIPV in façades offers a superb opportunity for generating power, because that is where the surface area of the façade usually exceeds the roof area.

Practice makes perfect

The book is designed as a practical basis for planning, construction and project support, but also contains valuable and important details about building legislation, services management systems and available grants.

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