"Think Green!" for architects

Lithodecor, a company specialising in ventilated curtain wall (VCW) façades, is encouraging a paradigm shift for the façade with its new brochure. Apart from their aesthetic function, curtain wall façade systems used to provide weather protection and thermal insulation. With its integrated photovoltaic modules, Lithodecor is now also turning façades into power-generating surfaces.

That is why Lithodecor has developed the concept of the Plus Energy façade - a comprehensive approach to design and solutions for the installation of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) on the façade in compliance with building regulations.

The new façade of the minimum energy building

The aim of the brochure: Lithodecor wants to demonstrate to architects, civil engineers and interested clients that the power-generating façade is a solution for the future and provide them with opportunities to meet the ever more stringent requirements stipulated by the ordinance on the saving of energy (EnEV) for the construction industry both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

Logical, factual and enlightening

Starting with the aims of climate protection and the legal requirements arising from those aims in Germany, the brochure demonstrates that these requirements can only be met if buildings are used to produce energy in the future, and furthermore that it is also better for producers of energy to consume it themselves. Lithodecor's key demand: Buildings must be turned into powerhouses!

Aesthetically impressive package: the external envelope of the building and the brochure

Those who want to persuade architects of the power of their arguments must also wrap up those arguments in an attractive package. That is why the brochure itself has an attractive façade. The front cover and the back are a glossy black, enhanced with a fine, scratch-resistant film of cellophane and partially contoured. The green "Think Green" lettering creates an eye-catching counterpoint. Foldouts with opulent images illustrating the central idea of the brochure and references appeal directly to designers.

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